Athletic Guidance and Support

The College and Careers counselors at SAI Academy are dedicated to supporting all our student-athletes. Our primary goal is to provide each athlete with abundant opportunities and manage their athletic profiles as they progress towards securing a college contract.

Navigating the NCAA process can be complex, so we are here to educate and guide our student-athletes every step of the way. At SAI, we offer a wealth of resources tailored to each student’s unique journey. Here are some specific benefits of our College and Career program:

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Personalized Assistance

We work closely with each student-athlete to understand their goals and provide individualized support throughout the NCAA process.

Hands-on Guidance

We will take you through essential topics such as athlete marketing, building a player resume, athletic eligibility, contacting coaches, and more, ensuring you are well-prepared for success.

NCAA Resources Overview

  • NCAA high school counseling, 4 year pacing in document form and power point form (below in #3)
  • NCAA how to build your draft emails 
  • NCAA how to build your player resume 
  • NCAA college programs to consider
  • SAI college and pro pathways 
  • Professionalism 
  • Public speaking 
  • Interviewing skills 
  • Athlete marketing 
  • NAIA deals
  • Social media 
  • Athletic recruiting timeline 
  • NCAA rule definitions (eligibility)
  • Official visit vs unofficial visit 
  • 3-5 colleges of interest presentation and research 
  • Creating NCAA account
A person in a classroom writes notes on a notebook while using a laptop, displaying an Austin FC sticker. Other individuals are visible in the background, also focused on their work, embodying the studious atmosphere of the campus.

SAI Academy provides hands on support to educate and empower students for their NCAA Journey

Receive resources on College and career pathway and recruiting

Resources on various topics along the NCAA journey in words docs, PowerPoints, links, and video form

University placement, planning, and research

Suggestions and placement at the best fit schools and programs for you

College eligibility support

Advice and support on navigating the eligibility regulations

Step by step guidance and assistance in your career journey

Setup track map and breakdown of all aspects of the application and admission process

Live support

Assistance in all aspects, setup video call upon requests, revision of documents, freely email with any question, and much more support

Talent management

Support from US collegiate sport experience that will guide you along your NCAA journey, along with all record keeping

Athlete Marketing

Promote you to extensive network of college coaches relevant to your interests

Specified and personal assistance in pathway

Advice and support on navigating your NCAA journey. Each journey is different. 1 on 1 assistance in all categories  

Professionally edited highlight videos

Highlight video from game clips made to send out to colleges 

Document modifications

Revision, advice, and guidance in all major college documents such as sports resumes, draft emails, essays, and much more.

SAT / ACT test prep

Academic assistance and guidance in SAT and ACT test. Test prep, tutoring, and practice courses