About us

Mission and vission

To empower our students to reach their highest potential, both academically and athletically, and to become leaders and changemakers in their communities and beyond.

SAI Academy is dedicated to developing student-athletes for professional success, offering a holistic environment that nurtures both physical abilities and intellectual growth, ensuring well-rounded life and career readiness.

Our Core Values

Parent & Student Testimonials

Judah P.
I like how the school is self paced so it’s not as stressful and there are a lot of resources to get help to understand things. I also like the environment with my teammates and getting to bond with them more.
Judah P.
DC United
SAI Academy has really brought out the best in Judah. The curriculum is challenging, the teachers are supportive and engaged with him, and the on-site staff really go above and beyond for the boys. He gets the social benefits of being with his peers, additional training,and quality education too!
Jennifer P.