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Performance coaching emphasizes dynamic movements, speed, strength, and injury prevention. SAI's unique approach integrates mental acuity, technical proficiency, and tactical intelligence, empowering athletes for success.


SAI Academy offers personalized, accredited academic programs from middle to high school, ensuring students excel academically and prepare for college. Accredited by Middle States Association and Cognia™, ensuring rigorous standards and educational quality


SAI Academy's Leadership Program fosters social responsibility and empowers youth athletes with essential skills like stress management, public speaking, and financial planning, enhancing their readiness for collegiate and professional endeavors.


Providing Elite Training for Youth Soccer Players

We offer a club-neutral training environment that allows the athletes to increase their time on the ball, all while being monitored to ensure they are improving optimally. Led by a team of highly credentialed and experienced coaches, our soccer development program aims to maximize the development of each individual player.
Soccer players in training on a grassy field, with one player dribbling the ball and another attempting to defend. A coach and other players are visible in the background among trees.



  • Asynchronous curriculum allow for morning and afternoon training times
  • Travel for tournaments and games without truancy concerns
  • Student-athletes can complete their work on the road, even out of the country, to ensure consistent work, if necessary
  • SAI Academy pacing allows for breaks to be taken during big tournaments and/or games so that the athlete is completely focused on soccer during that time

Relevant & Modern Approach

Blended Learning

  • Virtual curriculums allow students to work at any time that best suits their schedule
  • Student-athletes are monitored both in-person in a classroom provided by the club as well as remotely during travel and tournaments, if necessary, to ensure progress is being made consistently
  • Students are participating in a college prep program, preparing for life outside of the academies and post-soccer career


Traditional School

In a traditional school schedule, students typically attend classes from 7:30am to 3:30pm, followed by homework, snacks, preparation for extracurricular activities, and commuting until around 5:30pm. Afterward, training sessions often run from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, with dinner, shower, and bedtime following in the evening. 

SAI Academy

In contrast, the SAI Academy on-site schedule involves arriving at the training facility each morning for a day structured around training and academics. This includes performance and technical soccer training sessions, followed by time for lunch and showering. The afternoon is dedicated to academic study blocks until 4:00pm, with dismissal at 4:15pm – having completed the bulk of training and schooling with time in the evening free to spend how the student-athlete wishes.

A large group of young people in sports uniforms stands on a stadium terrace, proudly holding up various children's books for display. They appear to be participating in a book collection or donation event in collaboration with Orlando City SC.


Our students are not only conditioned to be the best on the soccer field, but also to demonstrate strong character and self-development off the field.
  • Community Service Initiatives
  • Resume Building Workshops
  • Mental Fitness
  • Stress Management
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Financial Planning
  • NCAA College Readiness
  • Personal Brand Awareness
  • Social Media Etiquette

About SAI Academy

To provide an all-encompassing soccer, academic, and influential program for elite level athletes. SAI Academy uses a modern approach with a strong foundation of core values resulting in the successful development of exceptional student-athletes.

Young boys playing rugby on a grass field, one boy in a white uniform crouched mid-action, with other players in the background.


Admissions are now open for 2024-2025!

Fall Semester begins in August, 2024.

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After SAI Academy

NCAA & College Prep

The counselors at SAI Academy are dedicated to supporting all of our student-athletes. Our primary goal is to provide each athlete with abundant opportunities and manage their athletic profiles as they progress towards securing a college or professional contract. 

Navigating the NCAA process can be complex so we are here to educate and guide our student-athletes every step of the way. At SAI, we offer a wealth of resources tailored to each student’s unique journey. 

Personalized Assistance: We work closely with each student-athlete to understand their goals and provide individualized support throughout the NCAA process.

Hands-on Guidance: We will take you through essential topics such as athlete marketing, building a player resume, athletic eligibility, contacting coaches, and more, ensuring you are well-prepared for success.

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