Holistic Academic Experience and Influential Program


Holistic Academic Experience and Influential Program


Holistic Academic Experience and Influential Program


Our academic leadership at SAI Academy consists of esteemed educators dedicated to preparing student-athletes for success both in the classroom and in their competitive endeavors. This team of professionals employs innovative teaching methods and flexible learning strategies, ensuring our students excel academically while effectively managing the demands of their athletic schedules.


"Experience the advantage of SAI Academy's globally recognized and NCAA-eligible program, meticulously crafted for student-athletes meeting international standards while aligning with NCAA eligibility criteria, ensuring our student-athletes are well-prepared for both global opportunities and collegiate athletic pursuits.

Virtual curriculum allow students to work at any time that best suits their schedule.

Asynchronous curriculums allow student-athletes to work at the times that best suit their schedule.

Flexible pacing allows for breaks to be taken during tournaments, games, and international call-ups.


SAI Academy boasts a dedicated team of on-staff education facilitators who actively monitor each student-athlete's academic progress, ensuring consistent educational support. These professionals provide tailored assistance and resources, helping students navigate their academic journey while balancing their athletic commitments.


Ensuring all student-athletes are completing their work promptly while accommodating heavy travel and training loads.


We guide our student-athletes through the recruitment and scholarship processes, maximizing their opportunities in higher education.

Academic Advisor

Helping student-athletes of all ages make informed decisions for their future careers in and beyond the pitch.


Our globally accredited academy bolsters student-athletes' academic growth and guarantees NCAA eligibility, paving the way for diverse collegiate opportunities.

National Council for Private School Accreditation

our curriculum is nationally and globally accredited

Globally accredited curriculum.

Our students graduate with NCAA eligibility

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